Autism Care and Assessment

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder and symptoms are generally recognised prior to the age of three years.

The main areas affected in ASD are behaviour, speech, language, and communication skills, play skills, and social skills. Early intervention and treatment is key for children with ASD.

First Bridge Centre

First Bridge Centre is the UK's first early intervention centre modelled on the science-led approach to early years autism treatment that is the standard in North America. Child-centric, compassionate and based on the scientific principles of behaviour analysis, First Bridge offers a fresh start for parents who have been left uncertain about the best approach for their child. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) uses data to guide each child’s individual path to reaching their full potential. First Bridge combines ABA with speech and language, and occupational therapy, in a safe and professional multi-disciplinary environment in South West London.

Jennifer Warwick

Childhealthy Recommended

Jennifer Warwick is a paediatric therapist and author; she trained as a speech and language therapist in 2003 and has wide ranging paediatric experiences across the NHS, independent and charity sectors. Jennifer is passionate in working collaboratively with parents and educators to support children and young people in meeting their potential. Jennifer has specialised in working with children with social communication and language difficulties but she works with a range of specialists to provide support for all areas of speech language and communication development. Jennifer runs the London Communication Clinic and includes a joint clinic with Dr McCarthy clinical psychologist that provides support around communication and behaviour.

What is a developmental paediatric specialist?

A developmental paediatrician specialises in assessing and managing children with developmental conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD and developmental delay.

Our general paediatric team can assess, reassure you and treat your child for many of these concerns, but commonly refer for an opinion when needed.

Childhealthy recommended paediatric developmental paediatricians are listed below:

Dr Monika Bajaj

Consultant paediatrician
FRCPCH MRCPCH MD(Paediatrics) DNB(Paediatrics)

Practice locations:

Spire London East Hospital,

The Holly Private Hospital and the Portland Hospital

Dr Skandhini Carthigesan

Developmental paediatrician

Practice locations:

The Portland Hospital,

Cromwell Hospital and Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

Dr Angela Huertas- Ceballos

Consultant paediatrician

Practice locations:

The Portland Hospital

Dr Ben Ko

Consultant paediatrician

Practice locations:

The Portland Hospital

Dr Margaret O'Driscoll

Consultant paediatrician

Practice locations:

Cromwell Hospital

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