Online First Aid Training Classes

How can I register for a class?

If you’d like to book onto a class, please contact to arrange a date and to make payment.

Being a parent or carer is a wonderful experience. It’s one of the most important jobs in the world that comes with no training. Children are very robust but sometimes unexpected and emergency situations can arise.

Learning how to deal with emergency situations effectively and efficiently gives parents the added knowledge and confidence that can really make a difference.

That’s why Childhealthy partners with Ronan Ging, a Senior Resuscitation Officer, to offer comprehensive first aid training classes to parents and families.


‘I found it so helpful thank you. Very clear and well explained. I feel reassured that I have some knowledge now in case anything arises.’


'We chose to undertake this first aid training to make sure we know how to handle choking which might happen during weaning. After the session, I can confidently say that we are ready to handle any emergency. The presentation was very informative and interactive providing enough practice to have the new information sink in. Highly recommended to every parent looking for extra knowledge to keep their baby safe'


‘I think the class was very informative and covered everything I was hoping for. In particular it was very useful you checked our understanding throughout the session. I feel much more at ease should a situation arise where I need to perform any resuscitation or help a child choking.’


"First Aid session with Ronan was very useful and informative. He made sure every participant understood each section before proceeding, he encouraged us to ask questions. As a new parent, it was great to gain knowledge and confidence in first aid procedures for infants. I would highly recommend the session to parents and anyone working with young children!"


What does the online training cover?

Ronan has tremendous experience and the two-hour online classes will teach you how to perform basic life support and resuscitation, what actions to take if a child is choking, and how to deal with the most common accidents.

Ronan instructs with a straightforward and practical approach to dealing with emergency situations.

The two-hour class will equip you with the knowledge of how to deal with basic emergencies and is suitable for all parents, grandparents and carers.

Meet Ronan

Ronan works as a Senior Resuscitation Officer within the NHS throughout Central London, and holds a wealth of experience around resuscitation and critical care nursing.

Ronan has over eleven years’ experience of nursing with over four dedicated to resuscitation and a further five within critical care. He regularly teaches Paediatric Resuscitation as part of his role and frequently attends paediatric emergencies, which he will consult on, or lead.

Ronan is an instructor registered with Resuscitation UK and instructs on a number of courses including Advanced Life Support and Advanced Paediatric Life Support.

Date Day Time
23rd June Wednesday 19.00-21.00
22nd July Thursday 19.00-21.00
28th August Saturday 10.00-12.00
16th September Thursday 19.00-21.00
16th October Saturday 10.00-12.00
18th November Thursday 19.00-21.00
16th December Thursday 19.00-21.00

When and where will the classes be held?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all classes will be held online via Zoom. The classes will be two hours long and you’ll have plenty of chances to interact and ask questions as you go.

We have a number of dates and times available and so hopefully you will find a time that suits you.

How much do the classes cost?

Classes are £95 per person, for a two-hour training session, which includes a Paediatric first aid manual.


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