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Remote paediatric consultations

Childhealthy offers a remote paediatrician video and telephone consultation service, allowing you and your child to benefit from an appointment without leaving home.

The flexibility of appointment timings and reducing travel and visits to the hospital are all proving very popular. Particularly with families living further away who have longer distances to travel.

Paediatric specialists and therapists


Childhealthy was founded by Dr Yiannis Ioannou, a general paediatrician based in London. As a parent and experienced paediatrician Dr Yiannis understands how concerned parents are about their children’s health. Childhealthy provides parents and carers with easy access to high quality private paediatric care, access to multiple specialists and therapists, diagnostic tests, health advice and education, reassurance and treatment.


Childhealthy offers vaccinations for children and babies including all immunisations recommended for children living in the UK and international immunisation schedules.

Classes for parents

At Childhealthy we are committed to supporting parents and offer online courses for parents which are delivered by experts. These courses aim to provide a vital interactive resource for parents that help guide you through important stages of your child's development, such as weaning babies onto solids and first aid training.

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