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About Childhealthy

At Childhealthy we support you to keep your child healthy with quick and easy access to high-quality private paediatric care.

By offering regular health checks, vaccinations, management of illness, as well as keeping you informed on all the latest children's health advice, Childhealthy aims to give you all the guidance you need to keep your children healthy.

Dr Yiannis examining a little girl
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Why visit Childhealthy?

Childhealthy provides a combination of clinical expertise and a calm, reassuring approach to your child’s health and well being. We offer continuity of care from birth to teenage years as well as health checks and assessments for one-off illnesses and concerns.

A range of services and just some of the medical conditions we cover are on our conditions page. However, our experience covers all paediatric specialities, so we are happy to consult on any concern you have about your child’s health.

Paediatric specialists and therapists

Dr Yiannis examining a child

Childhealthy was founded by Dr Yiannis Ioannou, a general paediatrician based in London. As a parent and experienced paediatrician Dr Yiannis understands how concerned parents are about their children’s health. Childhealthy provides parents and carers with easy access to high quality private paediatric care, access to multiple specialists and therapists, diagnostic tests, health advice and education, reassurance and treatment.

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Clinic, remote appointments and home visits are available daily.

We can always find a time to suit you, so please do ask if you are having difficulty finding a suitable time.