General Paediatric Appointment

At Childhealthy we offer quick and easy access to high-quality private paediatric care.

If you need to seek professional advice when a problem arises we are here to help. We offer assessments for one-off illnesses and concerns and we deal with all aspects of acute and chronic child illness from birth to 18 years.

We cover a wide range of medical conditions but some common reasons to see a paediatrician are but not limited to: cough, runny nose, fever, abdominal pain, rashes, vomiting, reflux and allergies.

Our experience covers many paediatric specialities so we are happy to consult on any concern you have about your child’s health. We offer a prompt assessment, diagnosis, investigation and treatment of specific health concerns.

We accept self-referrals, GP or specialist referrals.

If a baby or child is very unwell you should seek immediate advice and attend an emergency department or call 111.

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