Newborn Examinations

Newborn examinations, also known as postnatal checks, are performed soon after a baby has been born. The purpose of the health check is to screen for any potential concerns that arise in newborn infants so that early action can be taken and to reassure parents that all is well with their baby.

Childhealthy offers 6-8 examinations on the postnatal ward (Portland Hospital only) or in the clinic. The check can also happen at home if appropriate. During the appointment, you will also have the opportunity to raise any concerns which you may have relating to your baby.

a newborn baby in hospital
parents smiling at their newborn child

What does the examination involve?

The newborn check includes a ‘top to toe’ examination of your baby, including assessing the skin, face, eyes, mouth, ears, chest and breathing, heart and pulses, abdomen and umbilicus, genitalia, anus, hips, spine, limbs and movements in addition to growth measurements.

Anything to ask?

Aside from the physical examination, this first check offers you the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns. These commonly relate to your baby’s feeding, sleeping, weeing, pooing and caring for your infant.

a baby sleeping on a blanket in the shape of a love heart
a baby lying on their front whilst being examined with a stethoscope

With you every step of the way

Childhealthy is also happy to meet parents-to-be, before your baby is born. You will have the chance to ask us about how the practice works, baby checks, visits and vaccinations and any other questions you may have.