Introducing Solid Foods

Your baby has been fully milk fed (breast or bottle) up until now and their feeding journey might have been easy or you could have had a few bumps along the road.

Just as you feel that you have settled in to this routine, they reach their next developmental milestone and you approach the next phase of feeding for your baby - introducing solids (known as weaning in the UK). You might feel a little uncertain or have questions on how to best embark on this next feeding journey for your little one.

Weaning is about learning and experiencing new tastes, flavours and textures and should not be confused with weaning a baby off the breast or a bottle. It is the gradual introduction of food alongside milk feeds.

a close up photo of a father feeding his baby with a spoon. The baby has their mouth wide open ready to eat the food on the spoon.
a baby eating food in their highchair and smiling

We know that what we are fed in the early years matters, as it supports your baby's growth and development and can reduce the risk of illness in later life. This all sounds straightforward but transitioning your baby from an exclusive milk (breast or formula) diet to solid food brings with it many questions:

  • When is the right time?
  • How will I know if my baby is ready?
  • What food should I be offering first?
  • Baby led weaning or traditional weaning?
  • Home-made or bought foods?
  • How much milk?
  • What foods to avoid?
  • Why is my baby fussy / not accepting solids?
  • How much should my baby be eating?

If this is you, get in touch to get sensible, practical, personalised weaning information to ensure the weaning journey is relaxing and that your baby is thriving.