Nutritional Assessment for Children

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health for children of all ages. Our team at Childhealthy recognise how important it is to have guidance available for all parents and carers of infants and young children.

How much and how often to feed babies, when to start solid foods, how to manage a toddler with picky eating, setting a good foundation of dietary habits for school age children and teenagers. These are just some of the questions our team are commonly asked about in clinic.

Childhealthy offers nutrition assessments to assess your child’s diet and offers parents the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns relating to their child’s intake or weight from birth to teenage years.

A child smiling whilst eating her dinner
A child smiling whilst holding an apple

What ages are these nutritional assessments suitable for?

Nutrition assessments are suitable for children of all ages including infants, toddlers, school age children and teenagers and are tailored to your child's age.

Why might I require an assessment for my child?

Reasons to have a nutritional assessment for your child include: well baby or child nutrition review, breast or bottle feeding advice, weaning and introducing solid foods, food allergies, reflux, vitamin and mineral supplementation, dietary treatment for constipation, exclusion or restrictive diets, vegan or vegetarian diets, iron deficiency, fussy or picky eating, food refusal, growth and weight concerns.

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How long do these sessions last?

Our nutritional assessments will consist of a 60 minute virtual appointment, followed by a written action plan with applicable resources. There is also an option for follow up of progress, blood tests to assess for vitamin and nutritional deficiencies and review with a paediatrician if any concerns are raised.

Could you tailor a group session for me?

Yes, if you would like to arrange a nutritional assessment for a small group, for example to gain advice on a particular topic such as weaning, we can tailor a session for you. Please get in contact for more information. We would require a minimum number of 4 people to run these sessions.

If you would like to book a nutritional assessment with our paediatric dietitian you can do this online here. In the Doctors drop down, search for Paediatric Dietitian Bianca Parau, book an appointment, make payment and you will receive confirmation by email.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.