Measles Outbreak: Advice From The Department Of Health

  • The Measles vaccine is included within the MMR vaccine.
  • Two doses of the vaccine are needed usually, in the UK these are given at one year and at three years and four months.
  • The two doses can be given closer together with a three-month interval (the minimum interval is one month) if there are outbreaks reported.
    Infants from six months of age travelling to measles endemic areas or to an area where there is a current outbreak should also receive MMR.
  • As the response to MMR in infants is sub-optimal where the vaccine has been given before one year of age, immunisation with two further doses of MMR should be given at the recommended ages.
  • Children who are travelling who have received one dose of MMR at the routine age should have the second dose brought forward to at least one month after the first.