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The paediatric specialists and therapists listed, unless clearly stated in their profile, work independently from Childhealthy. Their profiles are listed for easy access and information for parents and general practice.

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    A smiling girl being examined with a stethoscope

    Paediatrics is wide-ranging with all its subspecialties. Childhealthy welcomes all families and children for regular health checks, vaccinations and for any medical concern. Whatever the reason you come to visit us at Childhealthy, our general paediatricians take a holistic approach to looking after your child. That means delivering the best possible care by building great relationships from day one. 

    Referral to a paediatric specialist or therapist may be required as part of routine screening or if specific concerns or issues arise.

    Childhealthy's private paediatricians have access to a wide network of highly recommended specialists and therapists for children and can arrange quick referrals and assessments.

    Autism paediatrician smiling and speaking with a child
    A girl running through a field on a summer's evening holding a toy windmill
    A child playing with building blocks
    A child drawing
    Dr Yiannis
    four children in a row with their arms around each other, smiling and looking into the camera
    a baby being breastfed
    A paediatrician holding a child's hand while they are sat on their mother's lap
    A child smiling into the camera
    a paediatrician listening to a little boys heart through a stethoscope
    A child grabbing at her parent's arm whilst smiling at the camera
    Smiling mother hugging her child
    a child eating in their high chair and laughing
    A dad showing his child how to plant a seed in soil
    a paediatric ENT assessing a child's ear
    A Child smiling at the camera
    hematology test results
    A little girl staring off into the distance
    A child blowing bubbles in the park
    A child having an eye exam
    A child hugging their parent whilst looking into the camera
    A child holding his knee because he just fell off his scooter
    A mother holding her child and laughing
    A little girl smiling
    Children playing with a large stick in a forest
    A child smiling at the camera with a sunny backdrop
    A paediatrician showing a child how speak

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