Paediatric Dietitian Specialists

A Paediatric dietitian specifically provides support to ensure babies and children are meeting their nutritional requirements through their daily diets.

They can offer help and dietary treatment for a variety of conditions including;

  • General infant feeding and weaning advice
  • Feeding difficulties for infants
  • Faltering growth
  • All food allergies and exclusion diets e.g. Cow’s milk protein allergy
  • Gastro-intestinal conditions such as gastro-oesophageal reflux and Coeliac disease
  • Fussy / picky eating or food refusal
  • Overweight or underweight children
  • Vegan or vegetarian diets
  • Any other medical condition where dietary manipulation is required.

Childhealthy recommended paediatric dietitians are listed below:

a child eating in their high chair and laughing

Bianca Parau

Paediatric Dietitian
BSc (Hons)

Bianca Parau is a Registered Dietitian specialising in paediatric nutrition. With 16 years’ experience, Bianca is passionate about helping children of all ages eat better and develop a healthy attitude towards food whilst meeting their nutritional requirements to sustain optimal growth and development. Bianca specialises in feeding difficulties, food allergy, all gastroenterology conditions, weight management for both underweight and overweight children and chronic conditions.

She works closely with Paediatricians, Paediatric Allergists, Paediatric Gastroenterologists and various paediatric Allied Health Professionals to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary evidence based treatments.

Rosan Meyer

Paediatric dietitian
BS(Diet) M. Nutr

Practice locations: Harley Street Clinic

Ana-Kristina Skrapac

Paediatric dietitian

Practice locations: Harley Street Paediatric Group and The Child & Family Practice