Speech and Language Therapy

Speech, language and communication skills are fundamental building blocks in child development. 1 in 10 children will present with a delay in the development of these skills. This can impact attention and listening, understanding and use of language, production of sounds, fluency of speech, confidence in communicating and social communication and behaviour.

Speech and language therapy for children and young people seeks to support the development of these skills and is delivered in conjunction with parents and educators to ensure progress across contexts.

Some areas that speech and language therapists can help include:

  • late talking
  • speech sound difficulties
  • stammering
  • receptive and expressive language difficulties
  • Developmental language Disorder
  • Attention and listening
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Selective Mutism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Difficulties with behaviour and emotional regulation

Childhealthy recommended paediatric speech and language therapists are listed below:


Analou Sugar

Speech and language therapist

Practice locations: Cromwell Hospital

Jennifer Warwick

Jennifer Warwick is a paediatric therapist and author; she trained as a speech and language therapist in 2003 and has wide ranging paediatric experiences across the NHS, independent and charity sectors. Jennifer is passionate in working collaboratively with parents and educators to support children and young people in meeting their potential. Jennifer has specialised in working with children with social communication and language difficulties but she works with a range of specialists to provide support for all areas of speech language and communication development. Jennifer runs the London Communication Clinic and includes a joint clinic with Dr McCarthy clinical psychologist that provides support around communication and behaviour.

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