Dr Ellie Day

Ellie is a consultant paediatrician with a special interest in children with developmental differences and disabling conditions. She currently works as a consultant in the Camden Child Development Team and at the Royal Free Hospital in North London.

Ellie graduated from Cambridge University and the Royal Free Hospital Medical School (University of London). She subsequently trained in and around the Southeast of England and has more than 20 years’ experience working in the NHS. Ellie has subspecialty accreditation in Community Child Health (the speciality of paediatrics related to the health of children with developmental conditions) and is now one of the London Training Leads for paediatricians in this speciality. Ellie assesses and looks after children who have conditions such as developmental delay/difficulties, autism, learning disabilities and a variety of genetic and syndromic diagnoses.

Ellie lives in North London and has 2 of her own children.

Dr Ellie Day sees patients at our clinic locations under practising privileges.