High Temperature In Children

A high temperature can be worrying for parents. What is a normal body temperature? Should you take your child to the doctor if they have a high temperature? How do you treat a high temperature at home? These are questions that many parents ask themselves when their child has a temperature.

It's important to know what is considered normal and what isn't, so here is all the advice and information you need from Childhealthy.

If you’re worried your baby is having a lot of colds, you can check out our advice in this article for tips and reassurance.

a mother checking their child's temperature by feeling their forehead

What is a high temperature for a child and how do I know if my child has one?

The body temperature of a child is usually between 36.5 to 37.5 ° Celsius. A high temperature for children is is defined as being above 37.5°C (approximately 100°F), however above 38°C considered a more significant fever.

There are a few different ways to tell if your child's temperature is too high. We recommend you invest in a good thermometer to check their temperature. If their forehead feels hot, they may have a temperature. If they have other symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, they could have a slight cold or other illness, so do check their temperature.

If your child has a temperature and you’re worried, here is a useful flow chart that can help you decide what steps to take.

There are many reasons why your child might have a temperature, but it is important to know what the normal temperature range is so you can determine whether it should be treated as an emergency. Do consult this chart to help you determine what to do.

If you’re feeling worried or unsure about your child’s temperature, you can always talk with one of our paediatricians. Please feel free to contact us at Childhealthy, we will be happy to help.