Why Vaccines Are Important For Children

Vaccines are one of our most effective health interventions. Vaccines have protected the human race from dangerous diseases such as Hepatitis B, Smallpox, and Polio for centuries. Although our immune system is our body’s natural defence barrier, it often needs strengthening with vaccines to help us bypass the risks that come with dangerous infections. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of vaccinations for children and why they need them. It will include factual information regarding the importance of vaccines.

a child receiving a vaccine

Where To Get Children’s Vaccines

All children are eligible to receive vaccines for free through their GP. Some vaccines, such as the Chickenpox vaccine, influenza vaccine (under 2 years), BCG, hepatitis a, and travel vaccines are not available for all children via the UK immunisation schedule. Childhealthy offers all vaccinations to protect your child including all those on the UK immunisation schedule and international schedules. Take a look at the list of vaccinations that we offer. 

Our booking process is very straightforward.  Please contact us via the contact page on our website or book online, and we can book your child in for vaccination at a time that suits you.




Disclaimer: Information contained in this article is intended as general advice and does not replace a medical assessment. If you are concerned about your child please contact your doctor for advice.