COVID-19 Message From Dr Yiannis For Parents

Dear Parents and Children,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well.

As a parent and your private paediatrician I fully understand that this is a worrying time for you and I wanted to let you know that we are here and available to support you with your child’s health.

We are here to help:

The Practice Management Team, Rachel and Lisa, already work remotely and will continue to respond to emails and calls as usual.

We are set up for remote video and telephone consultations and these are available daily and out of hours.

Many consultations can be carried out safely in this manner.

We can prescribe remotely and have medications delivered to your home.

For the time being, face to face clinic appointments are available, although restrictions apply and these may cease for a short period, but it will only be temporary.

Children do need their vaccinations, regular health checks and visits for specific concerns, but short delays are not a cause for concern, so please be reassured on this.

We have a clear record of appointments that are due and will accommodate these as restrictions are eased.

Reasons to be positive:

There are many reasons to be positive despite the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in.

To date the medical evidence from abroad and within the UK indicates that children are not severely affected by the virus.

Of course this is subject to change and many factors such as pre-existing health conditions may play a role, but for now our children do not appear to be the vulnerable group.

This does not mean that as parents we should relax and not follow guidance, as there are many vulnerable people in society that directly benefit from our cooperation with the advice.

As you know, I work both within the NHS and private sectors and feel very reassured by the tremendous efforts within both sectors to work towards the common goal of providing safe and effective care for all of us and our families.

Many of you only see me in the private sector and may feel concerned about attending an NHS setting. However please be reassured that if your child is unwell and you are unable to see me or other colleagues privately, your child will receive the very best care within the NHS.

Our children are very resilient and have a wonderful ability to cope with changing and difficult circumstances so be reassured they will gain and learn a great deal from adapting their daily routines.

Finally, however, the situation develops and progresses, as with all difficult periods, it will eventually settle down.

Please look after yourselves:

Maintaining your own physical and mental health is vital during this time and is the best gift you can offer your children, so please do take care of yourselves and those close to you.

We wish you all the very best,

Dr Yiannis and the Practice Management Team, Rachel and Lisa.