Allergy Blood Test: Types, Accuracy And Results

Around 50% of children in the UK have one or more allergies which occur when antibodies react to an allergen. The immune system is triggered and inflammation can occur in the skin, sinuses, airways, and digestive system.

Although symptoms can be mild for some, they can be severe for others. It's important to recognise the signs and seek proper treatment to manage allergies in children.

Discovering what allergies a child has is important so you can avoid the trigger and manage their symptoms. An allergy blood test can reveal the allergen that’s causing the reaction and help you keep your child safe from future reactions.

This page will look at common allergies in children, the symptoms that accompany them, what an allergy blood test is and how they can help.

A paediatric doctor examning a child's arm for signs of an allergy.

Book an allergy blood test with Childhealthy

If you think your child may have possible allergies, book an appointment to see a paediatrician, who may request an allergy blood test. Our expert level of care and ability to make your child feel at ease during the appointment can ensure that this is a positive experience for you and your child.

You can easily book your child an allergy blood test through our website and experience our professional paediatric services.

Additionally, we provide a full nutritional assessment for infants that will help you ensure your baby is getting the nutrition he or she needs while avoiding allergens they might have.






Disclaimer: Information contained in this article is intended as general advice and does not replace a medical assessment. If you are concerned about your child please contact your doctor for advice.

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