Childhealthy Newsletter: Back To School

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Back to school

Children are back to school this month after their summer holiday break. It’s great (and a relief!) to get back into the routine of school life. I know my own children are happy to be back with their friends and starting a new school year.

With fewer restrictions at school and children now allowed to mix more closely together, you may find the usual coughs and colds are back. While runny noses and sore throats are completely normal at this time of year, it’s important to also keep an eye out for COVID-19 symptoms.

Our COVID-19 and children FAQs give you information and advice about COVID-19 and the symptoms you should watch out for in children.

There is also a really helpful factsheet that I recommend referring to which shows you when to seek medical advice if your child has a high temperature or other potential COVID-19 symptoms.

Remember that COVID-19 symptoms are usually mild in children.

Advice on COVID-19 vaccines for 12-15 year olds

This week, the Royal College of Paediatrics made a statement regarding COVID vaccines for 12 to 15-year-olds:

“We formed a view that the loss of access to school is probably the single most important issue for children currently. We all recognised that children thrive on routine and structure. We, therefore, came to the view that if vaccination means that 12-15-year-olds can have a greater chance of attending school – and staying at school this winter, then we would support its use.”

The RCPCH were keen to emphasise that the vaccine is not a ‘silver bullet’ and sensible precautions will still be taken to keep children healthy and in school as part of a package of measures, including regular testing.

Check out the further resources at the end of this newsletter for further information on vaccines for 12-15-year-olds.

When is it time to book flu vaccinations?

It’s also that time of year when it is recommended to protect your child against the flu (influenza). Flu is such a common illness and can cause cold symptoms with fever or more severe respiratory infection in children of all ages, especially younger infants. Now is the best time to have a flu vaccine, in the autumn before the flu starts circulating.

The flu vaccine is available for children from ages 2 to 11 years by nasal spray. There is an injected flu vaccine available from the age of 6 months of age.

The two main types of vaccine are the inactivated flu injection for 6 months to 2 years and live vaccine nasal spray for 2 years onwards. The injection can also be given to children over two years.

For more information, visit our Flu vaccinations page or contact us to book an appointment for your child to have the vaccine.

Our new Childhealthy online booking system is now live!

We are excited to announce that our new online booking system is now up and running.

You can access it here:

The booking system makes it easier for you to make an appointment with us. Using the system, you can:

  • View live availability for booking appointments with paediatricians and - coming soon - therapists including a dietitian and physiotherapist.
  • Book and pay online at your own convenience.
  • Upload images and referral letters for your appointment.
  • Add appointments to your Outlook/Google/Apple calendars with one click.
  • Get directions to the booking location with Google Maps.
  • Choice of in-person or video consultations.

Not all appointments are visible online, as some appointments are reserved for emergency requests, so if you’re unable to find an appointment, please do call or email using our usual contact details.

You can also book online our parents' classes, such as First aid training for parents and weaning babies onto solids. For September, we have a special promo code for group bookings. Just enter: SAVEINSEPTEMBER on the booking form to receive a 10% discount.

Please do give us any feedback on the new booking system if you use it at Tell us about what you like or what could be improved. We aim to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use.

New advice articles: What is Jaundice in babies and Childhealthy’s guide to worms

Also new on the website this month are two new advice articles that answer some common questions we’re asked at Childhealthy.

What is Jaundice in babies? talks about the signs and symptoms of jaundice and when to seek medical attention.

Childhealthy’s complete guide to worms tells you what to look out for with worms, how to treat them and why they occur in the first place.

If there are any other topics or questions you’d like to see answered in our advice articles, then do let us know at and we will our best to include them.

That’s all for this month. See you all in October.

Further resources: