Hepatitis In Children

Thank you for all the recent enquiries relating to reports of rising cases of hepatitis in children. In response we have compiled a quick guide on hepatitis in children for you. Statistics shared by the UK Health Security Agency show that currently, almost 200 children have been diagnosed with acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology since the start of 2022. But rest assured, scientists and public health doctors are actively looking into what might be causing this.

Although medical professionals are unsure of the specific cause it is thought that it could be linked to the adenovirus infection. This is a common cold virus that can cause fever, cold symptoms, rashes, conjunctivitis and gastroenteritis but in most cases resolves by itself without any specific treatment and does not lead to any long-term effects or complications.

It is always good for parents to be familiar with signs and symptoms that suggest a more serious illness and to help you identify a complication such as hepatitis in your child to get the right medical help as soon as possible.

A child receiving a jab in their arm whilst their mother comforts them

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this article is intended as general advice and does not replace a medical assessment. If you are concerned about your child please contact your doctor for advice.

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